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Digital Banking Research


Digital Mortgage Test Drive

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: July 30, 2021
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
Digital mortgage point of sale technology offers borrowers a comprehensive self-service experience when applying for a loan. Whether developed internally or sourced from one of more than a dozen specialty vendors, these platforms can be deployed...

Savings-Centric Digital Banking: The Antidote to ‘Safe to Spend’

The problem isn’t spending – it's savings. Javelin data shows consumers are comfortable with day-to-day finances but struggle to save. FIs have a major opportunity to integrate savings into their digital banking value proposition and grow their ...

Marcus and HMBradley Take Aim at ‘Lazy Money’

Savings gets the innovative makeover it deserves. Marcus and HMBradley attract digitally savvy customers with a clever framing and a select combination of metrics and tools. These neobanks use gamification to drive customers’ interaction with th...

Mobile Invoicing: How Banks Can Reclaim Payment Acceptance

Generating invoices and payment acceptance are two areas that present difficulties for small businesses. For banks, this is an opportunity to offer a product to create and send customizable invoices and integrate with accounts payable and accoun...

2021 Mobile Banking Scorecard

Javelin's 15th annual Mobile Banking Scorecard shows bank innovation slowing and Bank of America’s lead shrinking, as U.S. Bank and Chase close the gap. Little progress has been made in closing consumer expectation gaps exposed by the pandemic. ...

2021 Online Banking Scorecard

It’s undeniably a mobile-first world, and many institutions are putting the emphasis—and the money—toward enhancing users’ experience in that channel rather than online. Javelin Strategy & Research’s annual Online Banking Scorecard shows how the...

Dual-AUS Submissions Offer Mortgage Lenders New Digital Efficiency Gains

  • Impact Note
  • Date: April 28, 2021
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
As the mortgage industry transitions to a purchase market, lenders have a unique opportunity to reimagine the role of automated underwriting systems in the borrower qualification and product eligibility process.

Tech Enablement for Trusted Advisers

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: April 2, 2021
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
Digital originations help lenders engage with consumers earlier in the process of buying homes and cars. But even the most sophisticated lenders often struggle with extending these enhancements to professionals outside their organizations who ar...

Digital Déjà Vu: Banks Miss Another Stimulus Opportunity

As the third round of stimulus payments reached U.S. consumers, most digital banking sites provided little, if any, guidance as to how best to put the funds to use. Banks missed a perfect opportunity to showcase financial fitness tools and conte...

The Gaping Digital Divide in Push Notifications

Although financial alerts are a crucial conduit for long-term, proactive relationships, the majority of U.S. banks and credit unions have handicapped themselves in two ways. They are both deaf and dumb – deaf to consumer demand for personalized ...

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