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Digital Banking During a Pandemic

Best-practice banks responded on the fly to deflect high-volume service requests such as loan modifications, and turned to chat and virtual assistants to point digital customers in the right direction more quickly. Join Emmett Higdon and Mark Sc...

Servicing Portfolio Defense

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: August 18, 2020
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
This report examines the most effective strategies for tracking these behaviors and how servicers can best use these insights to retain borrowers and earn their customers’ business on their next loans.

Driving Digital Transformation: Why is It so Hard?

Join Javelin's Jacob Jegher and SAS's Joan McGowan as they answer these questions and discuss what has worked, what hasn't, and what's the most direct path to digital-first business. In most of the cases, it's not the fault of the technology.

How COVID-19 Opens the Door to Video Banking

COVID-19 lockdowns have led consumers to search for alternatives to face-to-face interactions for different needs. For the first time, many have turned to video meetings for a range of tasks, including work meetings, calls with friends and famil...

Digital Engagement Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic created a customer service crisis in banking: Branches were closed, call centers were jammed, and websites were overwhelmed with traffic. That meant that FIs could not easily meet the enormous volume of customer...

2020 Mobile Banking Scorecard: COVID-19 Affirms Smart Updates and Glaring Gaps

Javelin’s 14th annual Mobile Banking Scorecard evaluates 25 of the top U.S. financial institutions to identify the leaders in mobile banking. 

2020 Online Banking Scorecard: The Slow March Along the Digital Banking Maturity Path

Javelin’s fifth annual Online Banking Scorecard evaluates 25 top U.S. financial institutions to identify the pacesetters in online banking. The report highlights 19 trends that are reshaping the industry and showcases innovations and best practi...

How Servicers Should Prepare for the End of COVID-19 Forbearances

  • Impact Note
  • Date: June 8, 2020
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
More than 4 million mortgage borrowers have obtained forbearances since the federal CARES Act was passed to provide economic relief due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At approximately 8.53% of total servicing volume, the rate of mortgages in forbeara...

Why GSE Data Standards Matter for Digital Mortgage Innovation

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: May 18, 2020
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
This report details the capabilities of the UMDP assets. It also outlines strategies for mortgage companies to use these resources to improve their digital mortgage capabilities and provide a more engaging borrower experience.

2020 Canadian Digital Banking Scorecards

Javelin’s Canadian Digital Banking Scorecards supplement financial institutions’ digital strategy, competitive intelligence, and product planning with a rigorous evaluation of the digital experiences at the top seven Canadian financial instituti...

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