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From Chatbots to Virtual Assistants and Generative AI: What’s Next in Digital Banking Automation

  • Complimentary Webinar
  • Webinar Date: June 6, 2023
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (PST)
  • Presenter(s): Emmett Higdon
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Banking
Join Javelin Strategy & Research’s Digital Banking Director, Emmett Higdon, as he shares consumer insights into what delights and frustrates them about automated interactions.

Identity Fraud: The Butterfly Effect

Join us for an interactive panel moderated by John Buzzard, Javelin’s Lead Analyst of Fraud & Security and the author of The Butterfly Effect, the 2023 installment of Javelin’s annual identity fraud study.

2023 Wealth Management Trends

Join Will Trout, director of Wealth Management, and Greg O’Gara, lead analyst, Wealth Management as they discuss top three business drivers for change in 2023 for advisors and investors.

2023 Digital Banking & Digital Lending Trends

As we brace for a tumultuous year setting up against the troubling economic backdrop, there will be a lot to consider for digital strategists. Join Mark Schwanhausser, Emmett Higdon, Babs Ryan, and Ian Benton as they discuss implications for dig...

2023 Fraud & Security Trends

Are you curious about what might happen in the financial fraud and cybersecurity realm in 2023? Join Tracy Kitten, director of fraud & security, and John Buzzard, lead analyst, fraud management, for an engaging conversation based on their 2023 t...

2023 Payments Trends

The payments ecosystem is evolving. The Javelin and Mercator analysts joined forces to bring their clients the most comprehensive payments trends and forecasts. Join Brian Riley and James Wester, co-heads of payments, as they discuss the impact ...

Faster Payments For Faster Fraud: Protecting Customers In This Real-Time Environment

Join experts from NICE Actimize and Javelin Strategy & Research as they discuss the top challenges and fraud risks that FIs must address prior to the implementation of real-time payments.

Child Identity Fraud – The perils of too many screens and social media

Join Tracy Kitten, the author of the report and director of the Fraud & Security practice at Javelin Strategy & Research, along with Ben Halpert, founder of Savvy Cyber Kids, Dave McCain, special agent with the United States Secret Service, and ...

Countering Fraud in the SMB and Payments Space

Join us in this exclusive session where we’ll discuss fraud threats and trends facing small business FIs, and best practices for detection and prevention.

Driving consumer choice and optimization of ACH payments through open banking and multi-rail

  • Complimentary Webinar
  • Webinar Date: September, 2022
  • Presenter(s): Marco Salazar
  • Research Topic(s): Tech & Infrastructure
This panel will explore consumers' rising demand for choice in the payment space and how that desire for flexibility will increasingly impact the way they adopt technology to pay and get paid.