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Delivering The Digital Mortgage Experience Today’s Borrowers Expect

  • Complimentary Webinar
  • Webinar Date: December, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
Join Javelin’s Austin Kilgore, ServiceLink’s Dave Howard and nbkc’s Jaylene O’Brien for an overview of key findings and data from this study, as well as an in-depth discussion on the strategies lenders need to offer the seamless digital experien...

Thinking Out Loud: Roundtable Talk

Learn how they have approached the business challenges posed by the pandemic and some of the initiatives underway for 2021 and beyond. Explore emerging technologies: what's hot and what's not.

Merchant Innovation Driving Payment Change

  • On Demand Webinar
  • Webinar Date: November, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Payments
This webinar will discuss the implications of merchant innovation for financial institutions and payment service providers and the need for new payment strategies.

Shifting Angles in Identity Fraud

Moderated by Javelin’s Tracy Kitten, a panel of experts will discuss how the shift to remote transactions during the pandemic irreversibly altered the fraud landscape. Consumers, increasingly vulnerable and fed up with fraud, are demanding more ...

Consumers Privacy Beliefs Intersect with Cybersecurity Goals

Join Krista Tedder, Head of Payments and Alexander Franks, Cybersecurity Analyst for this insightful webinar.

Identity Fraud & Families: Impacts of a Digitally Connected Life

Please join Dustin Hofstein, EVP of Operations at Allstate Identity Protection, and John Buzzard, Lead Analyst, Fraud & Security at Javelin Strategy & Research, for a fresh look at the real-life impact identity fraud has on families.

Small-Business Digital Banking for the Post-COVID World

Join Javelin’s Jacob Jegher and NCR’s Douglas Brown and Erica Pilon to discuss how to design a digital banking offering that counters the threat from these big tech platforms encroaching on banks’ core business, and positions the bank as a hub t...

Data Automation Strategies for Loan Origination and Servicing

  • On Demand Webinar
  • Webinar Date: October, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
Join Austin Kilgore, Director of Digital Lending for an overview of new sources for underwriting data, the consumer privacy and security concerns that come with their use, and examine the most efficient strategies for maintaining productive rela...

Digital Payments’ New Normal: A Roadmap to Stopping the Threat Ahead

Join John Buzzard, Security Analyst at Javelin and David Barnhardt, Chief Experience Officer at GIACT at 2 PM ET, Thursday, Oct. 22 as they present the latest findings from the GIACT sponsored research paper Identity Fraud in the Digital Age.

The Growth of Sophisticated Digital New Account Fraud Attacks

  • Complimentary Webinar
  • Webinar Date: October, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Payments
New account fraud increased to $4 Billion in 2019, and that is only the beginning as synthetic fraud often goes undetected. The challenge for fraud and digital teams is the need to reduce losses while increasing approval rates to onboard new cus...