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Closing Critical Servicing and Messaging Gaps in Digital Banking

Join Javelin’s Digital Banking Director, Emmett Higdon, as he shares insights on digital banking’s critical functional gaps, and the engagement opportunities missed as a result. Nuance’s Sebastian Reeve will wade in with examples of how clients ...

Reducing Attrition Through Fraud Resolution

Join Javelin to hear how these scams can impact your clients’ loyalty and how to implement the right processes to alleviate the burden from your cardholders.

Exposing the Risks of Remote Deposit Capture

Join John Buzzard, Lead Analyst of Fraud & Security, and Suzanne Sando, Sr. Analyst of Fraud & Security, of Javelin Strategy & Research as they discuss how criminals are exploiting remove deposit capture technology.

The Ethics of Behavioral Biometrics

Join Tracy Kitten, Director of Fraud & Security, and Alexander Franks, Analyst of Fraud & Security, of Javelin Strategy & Research as they discuss why behavioral biometrics is such a critical authentication tool.


Join Will Trout, Director of Wealth Management at Javelin Strategy & Research as he discusses how has the relationship between asset management wholesalers and advisors evolved, and how is it likely to develop going forward.

Searching for Answers: Meeting Digital Customers' Discovery Needs & Expectations

Join Emmett Higdon and Mark Schwanhausser as they discuss the critical and evolving role that search plays in meeting these expectations, driving satisfaction, and deepening digital engagement.

Banking on Digital and AI: Increasing Agent Efficiency and Customer Experience

Join Javelin’s Digital Banking Director, Emmett Higdon, and Nuance’s Head of Digital Product Management, Abhay Prasad, for an interactive discussion on how artificial intelligence is making digital communications a more efficient and effective w...

Digital Authentication: Striking a Balance Between Privacy, Friction and Security

Please join Javelin’s Tracy Kitten, and Callsign’s Mike Yeardly for a conversation about the current challenges corporations face, relative to needing to secure their digital perimeters while also providing world-class client experience.

Delivering The Digital Mortgage Experience Today’s Borrowers Expect

  • Complimentary Webinar
  • Webinar Date: December, 2020
  • Presenter(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
Join Javelin’s Austin Kilgore, ServiceLink’s Dave Howard and nbkc’s Jaylene O’Brien for an overview of key findings and data from this study, as well as an in-depth discussion on the strategies lenders need to offer the seamless digital experien...

Thinking Out Loud: Roundtable Talk

Learn how they have approached the business challenges posed by the pandemic and some of the initiatives underway for 2021 and beyond. Explore emerging technologies: what's hot and what's not.