Joel Hugentobler

Joel Hugentobler

Analyst, Cryptocurrency

Joel’s research focuses on the development of digital assets and cryptocurrency as a new asset class. His areas of interest include the adoption of cryptocurrency and digital assets in investment and wealth management strategies. Joel helps clients make sense of the growth of cryptocurrency and digital asset markets.

Prior to joining Javelin, Joel worked as a DeFi analyst and trader at Imperial Asset Management. He has worked in the mortgage industry and in traditional financial markets as a stockbroker. Joel graduated from the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He has grown passionate about the digital asset space since he first got involved in 2016.

Latest Insights

August, 2023
Javelin Report
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Truly decentralized blockchains attract participation that provides worldwide transparency and reinforces why they were developed in the first place. But blockchain networks also h...

July, 2023
Javelin Report
Building a Better Stablecoin

Unlike digital dollars, each stablecoin is unique when they are cryptographically minted and stored on a distributed ledger. Features such as programmability and near instantaneous...

April, 2023
Impact Note
What the Fall of Crypto-Friendly Banks Means for the Market

The collapses of three cryptocurrency-friendly financial institutions demonstrate the issues that face crypto companies and their providers of financial services. Crypto-focused an...


August, 2023
We will explore CBDCs, discuss the global state of digital currencies, and consider the potential be...

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