Jennifer Pitt

Senior Analyst

Jennifer Pitt is a senior analyst in Javelin’s Fraud & Security practice.  She analyzes data and trends and provides recommendations to financial professionals regarding best practices for fraud prevention and cybersecurity.

Before joining Javelin, Jennifer worked at USAA bank as Quality Control for fraud and money laundering investigations. Prior to that role, Jennifer was in law enforcement, working as a Fraud Detective with the Colorado Springs Police Department and Fraud Special Agent with the Arizona Attorney Generals’ Office. Jennifer’s specific areas of expertise include identity fraud and elder financial exploitation.

Jennifer is a Certified Fraud Examiner with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity, specializing in cybercrime and fraud.

Latest Insights

January, 2024
Impact Note
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January, 2024
Javelin Report
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December, 2023
Javelin Report
How Gift Card Scams Target the Unexpected, And What It Means for Banks

Though the holiday season is nearing the end, gift cards top scammers’ wish lists all year long. Scammers use social media to deploy debt repayment and other moneymaking scams that...

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