Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller

Lead Analyst, Emerging Payments

Christopher helps Emerging Payments clients cut through the hype and the headlines surrounding new and emerging payments technologies.  With over a decade of experience distilling trends into priorities, Christopher’s research offers a key to prioritizing investments into “what’s next” for payments, helping financial institutions remain relevant as consumer preferences and technological capabilities continue to shift.

Christopher’s background includes times as a graduate student and college history professor focused on US Urban History in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A fan of hiking, cycling and travel, Christopher spends his spare time working for Major League Baseball providing technical support for live game tracking activities. 

Christopher has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Gonzaga University and a PhD in History from Marquette University.

Latest Insights

April, 2023
Javelin Report
Generative AI: It's Here, and It Defies Static Definition

Generative artificial intelligence is not just hype. It is a high-impact technology that requires the attention of leaders in every industry. Payments and financial services produc...

February, 2023
Impact Note
Fintech Investment in a Changing Market: 5 Things to Know for 2023

With investment capital tighter in 2023, there’s less interest in untested, unproven fintech startups and more of an emphasis on coming out of the chute with products that are read...

December, 2022
Impact Note
2023: The Year Digital ID Reaches Your Wallet (and Changes How You Pay)

Wallet-based digital ID will create a wedge between universal wallets and payment apps, as embedded finance product offerings converge on feature parity over time.

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