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2023 Digital Banking & Digital Lending Trends

As we brace for a tumultuous year setting up against the troubling economic backdrop, there will be a lot to consider for digital strategists. Join Mark Schwanhausser, Emmett Higdon, Babs Ryan, and Ian Benton as they discuss implications for dig...

2023 Digital Banking Trends & Predictions

An overview of three trends that will be critical for the banking industry to address in the coming year.

2023 Digital Lending Trends & Predictions

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: November 16, 2022
  • Author(s): Babs Ryan
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
As Javelin Strategy & Research looks ahead to the trends shaping digital lending in 2023, it’s beginning to look a lot like 2007. Most lenders are running to the same side of the boat, focusing on non-prime segments, ramping up debt consolidatio...

2023 Small Business Banking Trends & Predictions

An overview of three trends that will be critical for the banking industry to address in the coming year.

Generation Z: Why Now is the Ideal Time to Pursue a Slippery, Fragmented Age Group 

Generation Z is defying any established tools and strategies financial institutions have for consumer acquisition and retention. The oldest of Gen Zers are turning 25 this year, while the youngest remain in middle school. They’re coming into a w...

Direct Deposit Innovators Target the Power of the Paycheck

Innovative newcomers and an evolving consumer finance culture are turning the traditional outlook on direct deposit on its head. Where once it was a staple in measuring customer loyalty, the rise of open banking and the fragmentation of consumer...

Countering Fraud in the SMB and Payments Space

Join us in this exclusive session where we’ll discuss fraud threats and trends facing small business FIs, and best practices for detection and prevention.

Global Greats: Translating Digital Lending Innovations for the U.S.

Javelin’s international analysts scoured the globe for digital lending innovations. Which won ribbons: the face-recognition loan application in China, auto loans in Japan that work like a breathalyzer, or the mortgage service that works like a d...

Mobile Homepages Send a Message – But Is It the Right One?

Javelin analyzed the homepages of mobile banking apps of the top five U.S. banks to determine what personality each bank projects to its customers. The apps place the greatest emphasis on money movement and ease of use, but when we dug deeper, i...

Overcoming the Hurdles of Digital Financial Fitness

In a world of commoditized banking services, financial institutions must confront a historically weak area to differentiate themselves from the crowd. By focusing on their customers’ financial fitness and positioning themselves as trusted partne...

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