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2022 Small Business Digital Banking Vendor Scorecard

Q2’s successful realization of a single-platform approach to digital business banking makes it the leader of the field of vendors assessed in Javelin Strategy & Research’s Small Business Vendor Scorecard. Its approach allows banks and credit uni...

Merchant Service Providers’ Most Important Work Starts After the Holidays

The 2022 holiday sales season looks to be a strong one for merchants, but they’ll need help from service providers to survive and thrive into 2023 and beyond. 

Risky Business: The Rise of Independent Investing Among Wealth Management Clients

Investors today have access to a broad range of investment vehicles, from alts to crypto to private equity, and a driving ambition to manage assets outside their primary wealth management accounts. This puts the onus on wealth managers to introd...

Instant Business Payments: Three Lessons From Zelle for Business

2023 could be the year that real-time payments finally break into the mainstream for small businesses. One prominent competitor in the space, Zelle for Business, faces issues that it will have to overcome to solve the primary challenges facing a...

Secured Card Market in 2022

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: December 9, 2022
  • Author(s): Ben Danner
  • Research Topic(s): Credit
Despite its long history of ups and downs, the secured card market is ripe for opportunity. The product excels as a credit-building tool used to enable credit access. We track exciting new programs in the field and analyze the current marketplac...

Debit Regulation II Clarification

A new clarification to a debit regulation sets standards for dual routing in card-not-present transactions, but how will the Federal Reserve Board’s regulation affect merchants, debit card issuers, and consumers?

19th Annual U.S. Open-Loop Prepaid Card Market Forecast

This report covers Mercator Advisory Group research and expectations in the open-loop prepaid market. Highlights include trends for 9 different open-loop products.

Student Loan Debt Is a Big Blind Spot in Financial Fitness

Banks and credit unions can play a crucial role in the financial lives of student loan accountholders, regardless of whether the institutions themselves issue student loans. And for FIs to advance along Javelin Strategy & Research’s Digital Matu...

Next Steps for Crypto: Weathering the FTX Fallout

The collapse of FTX and Alameda Research has given cryptocurrency another black eye and provided fodder for skeptics about the industry and digital assets. But the situation, as ugly as it is, could provide the perfect catalyst for the industry ...

19th Annual U.S. Closed-Loop Prepaid Card Market Forecast

This report highlights trends for 11 closed-loop products encompassing such areas as transit, nutrition assistance, consumer incentives, and petroleum. We lean on consumer use and sentiment toward these cards. Economic conditions and market turm...
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