Digital Lending Research

Leverage digital technology to bring better experiences to your customers

The future of digital lending is a continued march toward faster, less-intrusive customer experiences and more efficient back-office operations for lenders and servicers. Javelin’s careful, thorough research identifies existing pain points, coming opportunities, and useful insights as lenders plot their digital futures.

Digital Lending Research


Student Loan Debt Is a Big Blind Spot in Financial Fitness

Banks and credit unions can play a crucial role in the financial lives of student loan accountholders, regardless of whether the institutions themselves issue student loans. And for FIs to advance along Javelin Strategy & Research’s Digital Matu...

2023 Digital Banking & Digital Lending Trends

As we brace for a tumultuous year setting up against the troubling economic backdrop, there will be a lot to consider for digital strategists. Join Mark Schwanhausser, Emmett Higdon, Babs Ryan, and Ian Benton as they discuss implications for dig...

2023 Digital Lending Trends & Predictions

As Javelin Strategy & Research looks ahead to the trends shaping digital lending in 2023, it’s beginning to look a lot like 2007. Most lenders are running to the same side of the boat, focusing on non-prime segments, ramping up debt consolidatio...

Global Greats: Translating Digital Lending Innovations for the U.S.

Javelin’s international analysts scoured the globe for digital lending innovations. Which won ribbons: the face-recognition loan application in China, auto loans in Japan that work like a breathalyzer, or the mortgage service that works like a d...

Online Auto Lending Opening Doors for Banks

This Javelin Strategy & Research report looks at the state of digital auto sales today. The trend of car buyers seeking a fully digital experience, from shopping to acquiring a loan to completing the transaction, has only accelerated amid the CO...

A Digital Playbook for Building Stronger Borrowers

The pandemic spurred a surge in credit monitoring. The good news for financial institutions is that consumers are more likely to track their scores through their banks and credit unions than through the many third-party apps and other sources. O...

What’s Next for Digital and Remote Loan Closings?

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: November 30, 2021
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
Roughly 20 years after the advent of eNotes in the mortgage industry, fully paperless loans still account for only a small fraction of overall volume. The fact is, digital closings offer many advantages over traditional in-person, on-paper closi...

2022 Digital Lending Trends & Predictions

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: November 15, 2021
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
After spending the pandemic years shoring up processes and capabilities to keep business moving, lenders can now pivot toward greater efficiency and borrower insight and allow for finding a place among the many upstarts in the marketplace. Nimbl...

Digital Lending Maturity Path

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: October 20, 2021
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
Big-ticket loans, such as those for cars and houses, have traditionally involved a lot of costly and time-consuming front-end work by financial institution staffers on behalf of prospective borrowers, followed by laborious underwriting processes...

Digital Mortgage & eNote Test Drive

  • Advisory Webinar: Client Login Required
  • Date: October, 2021
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
Join Austin Kilgore, Director of Digital Lending at Javelin Strategy & Research for an in-depth discussion about the key findings from one such “Test Drive” – a chronicle of how a complete loan process played out.

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