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The future of digital lending is a continued march toward faster, less-intrusive customer experiences and more efficient back-office operations for lenders and servicers. Javelin’s careful, thorough research identifies existing pain points, coming opportunities, and useful insights as lenders plot their digital futures.

Digital Lending Research


How to Help Car Buyers Break the Cycle of Debt

Javelin’s case study compares two starkly different car buyers—one who builds car payments into their monthly budget for life, the other who breaks the cycle of debt by keeping cars longer and turning payments into savings. The financial fates o...

Beating the Fintech Mortgage Influencers: How FIs Can Prevail

To navigate the complex homebuying process, shoppers commonly seek guidance from non-bank influencers such as real estate agents, lending marketplaces, and digital lenders. Javelin Strategy & Research analyzed eight leading mortgage fintechs wit...

How to Build Credit Card Wizards That Win Share of Wallet

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: February 12, 2024
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
Banks and credit unions provide a digital shopping experience that can lead customers to pick an ill-suited credit card and put an FI at risk of costly “silent churn.” In contrast, NerdWallet, CardWiz, Smart Asset, and other card advisory fintec...

Digital Lending: 2024 Trends and Predictions

Regulatory uncertainty regarding emerging loan products, the looming student loan crisis, and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence will shape the lending industry’s outlook, opportunities, and operations in 2024.   

The Digital Lending Landscape for Newcomers to the U.S.

Every year, millions of people from around the globe legally enter the United States but struggle to line up banking and lending services because they lack standard documentation, credit histories, or credit scores. This has left the door open f...

2024 Trends & Predictions: Digital Lending

The outlook in digital lending in the year ahead will focus on three key areas: the prospect of regulatory clarity on popular products such as buy now, pay later loans and earned wage access; the impact on student loan borrowers—and financial in...

Loan Education: Not Ready for the Mobile-First Era

Although banks provide a wealth of financial education on loans on their public websites, they integrate little of the content, calculators, and other features in digital banking for easy access once customers log in. This effectively treats cus...

The Credit-Building Pathway: Banking's Opportunity for a Fresh Approach

The banking industry’s traditional answer for Americans with limited or damaged credit histories is to educate customers generically, equip them with credit scores and do-it-yourself credit-building tools, and sell them a secured card with no fo...

Generation Z: Halfway to Adulthood and Ready to Borrow

Approximately half of Generation Z—those born since 1997—has graduated into adulthood, and that carries strong implications for financial institutions. Gen Zers are moving beyond foundational checking accounts into more complicated financial liv...

Business Financial Health

We will outline 11 principles for business financial health and discuss how banks can use financial health concepts to inform product design, marketing, and digital banking capabilities.

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