Digital Lending Research

Leverage digital technology to bring better experiences to your customers

The future of digital lending is a continued march toward faster, less-intrusive customer experiences and more efficient back-office operations for lenders and servicers. Javelin’s careful, thorough research identifies existing pain points, coming opportunities, and useful insights as lenders plot their digital futures.

Digital Lending Research


How Servicers Should Prepare for the End of COVID-19 Forbearances

More than 4 million mortgage borrowers have obtained forbearances since the federal CARES Act was passed to provide economic relief due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At approximately 8.53% of total servicing volume, the rate of mortgages in forbeara...

Why GSE Data Standards Matter for Digital Mortgage Innovation

This report details the capabilities of the UMDP assets. It also outlines strategies for mortgage companies to use these resources to improve their digital mortgage capabilities and provide a more engaging borrower experience.

2020 Javelin Trends

Javelin analysts share insights on what to expect as the banking industry enters the 2020.

Coronavirus Refi Boom Exposes Gaps in Mortgage Automation

Mortgage rates hit new record lows this month. But with lenders seemingly unable to scale operations to keep up with the surprise surge in demand, loans with historically low rates have become about as scarce as toilet paper during the coronavir...

Credit Karma Deal Positions Intuit to Corner Market on Consumer Data

Intuit’s planned $7.1 billion acquisition of Credit Karma has the potential to make it the dominant provider of consumer leads to digital financial institutions. But growing concerns about consumer data privacy and Intuit’s track record shepherd...

Trust in Lending

This report leverages a new segmentation of Javelin’s Trust, Innovation, and Partnership (TIP) model designed to assess perceptions between borrowers of mortgage, auto, and other loans and consumers without loans. It explores the implications of...

Access to Credit Scores Empowers Consumers, Strengthens the Lending Ecosystem

This original report, sponsored by TransUnion, examines the role that consumer access to credit scores and credit file data plays in the promotion of financial inclusion, responsible borrowing habits, and more transparent and accurate l...

How Access to Credit Scores Cultivates Better Borrowers and Safer Lending

Join Javelin’s Austin Kilgore and Mark Schwanhausser, TransUnion’s Dan Richard and VantageScore’s Jeff Richardson for an in-depth discussion about the role consumer access to credit scores and credit file data plays in the promotion of financial...

Emerging Channels in Lending

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: December 11, 2019
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
This report explores the boundaries being pushed across the consumer lending ecosystem to create easier, more engaging experiences than could have ever once been imagined and examines the strategies needed to make these new approaches work.

2020 Digital Lending Trends

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: December 3, 2019
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
This report provides an overview of three trends that will be critical for lenders to address or to start addressing in the coming year, along with the strategies and decisions lenders must consider to effectively respond to, or even get ahead o...

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