Digital Lending Research

Leverage digital technology to bring better experiences to your customers

The future of digital lending is a continued march toward faster, less-intrusive customer experiences and more efficient back-office operations for lenders and servicers. Javelin’s careful, thorough research identifies existing pain points, coming opportunities, and useful insights as lenders plot their digital futures.

Digital Lending Research


Auto Lenders to Face Challenges in Shift to Build-to-Order Car Buying

Third-party auto lenders must accelerate their adoption of digital touchpoints to remain relevant with consumers and manufacturers migrating toward a build-to-order car buying experience. This market shift makes it paramount for lenders to offer...

Digital Closing and eNote Test Drive

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: September 21, 2021
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
The era of the traditional paper-intensive mortgage closing is slowly ending; the victim of advancing technology and a pandemic that has prompted lenders and borrowers to seek safer, remote ways of doing business. After resources were poured int...

Digital Mortgage Test Drive

Digital mortgage point of sale technology offers borrowers a comprehensive self-service experience when applying for a loan. Whether developed internally or sourced from one of more than a dozen specialty vendors, these platforms can be deployed...

Dual-AUS Submissions Offer Mortgage Lenders New Digital Efficiency Gains

As the mortgage industry transitions to a purchase market, lenders have a unique opportunity to reimagine the role of automated underwriting systems in the borrower qualification and product eligibility process.

Tech Enablement for Trusted Advisers

Digital originations help lenders engage with consumers earlier in the process of buying homes and cars. But even the most sophisticated lenders often struggle with extending these enhancements to professionals outside their organizations who ar...

Digital Strategies for Direct Auto Lending

The digital direct channel offers a compelling alternative to traditional indirect auto finance. But auto lenders seeking to establish a presence in the digital direct channel will find an already crowded field of nonbank fintech lenders, one-st...

Ginnie Mae’s First eNotes Create New Urgency for Digital Mortgages

The completion of Ginnie Mae’s first-ever mortgage-backed security comprised entirely of electronic promissory notes eliminates longstanding barriers to entry for eNotes and is an enormous step forward for broader industry adoption.

2021 Financial Industry Trends: Digital Lending

Join Austin Kilgore, Director, Digital Lending as he walks you through Javelin’s predictions for the Digital Lending Industry. 

Digitizing the Notary Process

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: December 22, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
This report examines the status of RON legislation around the country and the hurdles to adoption. It also assesses consumer preferences for executing loan documents and the business justifications for investing in remote closing technologies.

Optimizing Digital Auto Lending to Overcome the Captive Advantage

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: December 22, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Digital Lending
This report examines new models for auto lending and leasing, how market newcomers are attracting consumer interest, and how the relationships among dealers, lenders, and consumers are evolving.

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