What shapes consumer transactions and payment technologies, and where is it going?

Any conventional wisdom about payments—how they’re made, the currencies being used, the cards presently in favor—doesn’t last long before the next wave of technology, innovation, and regulation. Javelin’s analysts conduct research at the forefront of payments, identifying the emerging trends for financial services companies and payments providers and offering insight into how they can best position themselves not just for what is current but also for what is coming.

Payments Research


Gamification and Other Strategies for Merchants to Enhance Customer Loyalty

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: May 23, 2019
  • Author(s): Raymond Pucci
  • Research Topic(s): Merchant
What works and what doesn’t work in merchants’ customer loyalty programs A new research report from Mercator Advisory Group identifies success factors that increase customer engagement for merchants.

Are You Prepared for Mastercard and Visa to Enter Your Market?

  • Impact Note
  • Date: May 17, 2019
  • Author(s): Tim Sloane
  • Research Topic(s): Emerging
New business units launched by the two large networks will compete with banks, processors, and fintech suppliers.

B2B Payments: More Options Than Ever Before

Fintechs’ digital solutions are changing the business-to-business payments space.

Ending the War on Cash - New Product and Security Considerations

Join Krista Tedder and Sean Sposito as they exam the need for new cash focused technology and how to secure the emerging threats.

How Banks Can Safely Do Cryptocurrency

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: April 30, 2019
  • Author(s): Tim Sloane
  • Research Topic(s): Emerging, Global
It’s time for banks to reassess their positions regarding cryptocurrency New research report by Mercator Advisory Group evaluates several business models for banks and credit unions to engage with cryptocurrency and suggests the safest approache...

Blockchain B2B Is Starting to Turn the Corner

The scale remains small, but blockchain technology is moving beyond pilots into the next phase.

Building Payment Strategies for Paycheck-to-Paycheck Consumers: The Détente on the War on Cash

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: April 22, 2019
  • Author(s): Krista Tedder, Rachel Huber
  • Research Topic(s): Tech & Infrastructure
This paper highlights why cash payments are becoming more relevant, market use cases that need to be solved in the next three years, and emerging technology capabilities that will make an impact in the United States.

The Growing Business of U.S. Small Business Debit

  • Impact Note
  • Date: April 15, 2019
  • Author(s): Sarah Grotta
  • Research Topic(s): Debit, Prepaid
Debit cards are well positioned to solve critical small business payment issues.

Digital Consumer Banks in the U.S.: Your Money or Your Wallet

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: April 5, 2019
  • Author(s): Ken Paterson
  • Research Topic(s): Debit
Digital consumer banks in the U.S. are already a competitive force. Mercator Advisory Group releases new research on the complex competitive landscape of U.S. digital banks.

Supplier Enablement: Get More Flexible and Technical

Capturing more B2B card and e-payment volumes requires new approaches by the banks.Mercator Advisory Group reports that the massive coming shift away from paper and cash in B2B presents vast potential opportunity costs.

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