What shapes consumer transactions and payment technologies, and where is it going?

Any conventional wisdom about payments—how they’re made, the currencies being used, the cards presently in favor—doesn’t last long before the next wave of technology, innovation, and regulation. Javelin’s analysts conduct research at the forefront of payments, identifying the emerging trends for financial services companies and payments providers and offering insight into how they can best position themselves not just for what is current but also for what is coming.

Payments Research


2020 Outlook: Merchant Services

  • Impact Note
  • Date: November 7, 2019
  • Author(s): Raymond Pucci
  • Research Topic(s): Merchant
U.S. merchants willing to invest in digital solutions that drive consumer engagement will be rewarded in 2020.

2020 Outlook: Debit and Alternative Products

  • Impact Note
  • Date: November 6, 2019
  • Author(s): Sarah Grotta
  • Research Topic(s): Debit
Investment in faster and real-time payments picks up and the impact on traditional payments is already being observed.

2020 Outlook: Credit

  • Impact Note
  • Date: November 5, 2019
  • Author(s): Brian Riley
  • Research Topic(s): Credit
Happy days are here again as U.S. credit card issuers reverse the downward trend in their profitability as the next decade begins.

16th Annual U.S. Open Loop Prepaid Cards Market Forecast, 2019–2023

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: October 31, 2019
  • Author(s): C. Brown
  • Research Topic(s): Prepaid
Open Loop Prepaid Loads Continued Measured Steady Growth in 2018. New research report from Mercator Advisory Group shows which segments of the prepaid market will grow and which will decline through 2023.

U.S. Faster Payments Forecast, 2019–2024: Building the Foundation

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: October 22, 2019
  • Author(s): Sarah Grotta
  • Research Topic(s): Debit
Opportunity for traditional financial services technology providers and fintechs to build bridges between networks for more cohesive framework for U.S. faster paymentsMercator Advisory Group releases new research on development of faster payment...

The Contactless Conundrum: Making The Business Case

The United States recently moved to chip technology but is it ready for contactless payments? Issuers and merchants both need each other to make the business case to upgrade to near field communication (NFC) options. The report reviews the busin...

Commercial Prepaid North America Market Review and Forecast, 2018–2023

North America prepaid commercial card spend is in the $300 billion range. Mercator Advisory Group reports that North American prepaid commercial card spending will maintain varied and generally tepid growth during the next five years.

Distributed and Self-Sovereign Identity Solutions: Part 2, Implementations and Suppliers

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: September 27, 2019
  • Author(s): Tim Sloane
  • Research Topic(s): Emerging
Decentralized ID and self-sovereign identity are in the works by organizations profiled in new report. New research report from Mercator Advisory Group profiles major solution providers for self-sovereign identity.

How Amazon Is Redefining Payments

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: September 17, 2019
  • Author(s): Krista Tedder
  • Research Topic(s): Tech & Infrastructure
The past several years have been filled with water cooler conversations of "what happens if Amazon becomes a bank". The good news is that they don't want to be a bank. Amazon wants to partner with merchants as a payment service provider to build...

Business-to-Business Faster Payments: Market Review and Forecast 2018–2023

The pace has increased in the march toward ubiquity.

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