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2024 Trends & Predictions: Digital Wealth — Investor

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are infiltrating all aspects of investing, with a profound impact on the data, tools, and platforms used by self-directed investors and those with traditional advisory relationships. This Javelin Stra...

Fraud and the Financial Advisor

The impact of fraud and cybersecurity on the client relationship means these challenges can no longer be considered through the lens of operational cost or as part of a box-checking exercise. Rather, they have assumed mission-critical importance...

Amplifying Investor Engagement Using Risk and Behavioral Insights

Innovative psychological and behavioral techniques are revolutionizing the way digital investor risk assessment is conducted, evolving it from a mere checkbox routine into an empowering process that encompasses strategic financial planning and e...

New Insights on Advisor Trends

  • Complimentary Webinar, On Demand Webinar
  • Date: August 9, 2023
  • Author(s): William Trout
  • Research Topic(s): Wealth Management
Join us for a discussion on recent findings from the 2023 Advisor Brandscape report and the implications these new advisor trends will have on the market.

RIA Turnkey CRM Scorecard

This Javelin Strategy & Research scorecard report brings these provider challenges into focus and evaluates platforms across a comprehensive set of criteria related to function, user experience, and other RIA workflow elements.

RIAs Snap Up CPA Firms

Certified public accountants have been moving into wealth management for years. Now wealth managers are expanding into the space of the CPA. M&A is the instrument of convergence, with registered investment advisor consolidators like Hightower, M...

Drilling Down on Gen X, Finance’s Middle Child

There is rampant concern that Gen X—those born from 1965 to 1980—will be the first U.S. demographic that doesn’t do as well financially as its parents, and that concern is well-grounded. It’s the first U.S. generation to confront, en masse, a pa...

Technology and the Hybrid Advisor

Regulation to harmonize standards of care across RIA and broker-dealer channels has accelerated the convergence of wealth management distribution channels. This convergence centers on advisor affiliation models and reflects client enthusiasm for...

Building a Better Stablecoin

Unlike digital dollars, each stablecoin is unique when they are cryptographically minted and stored on a distributed ledger. Features such as programmability and near instantaneous settlement offer solutions to ecommerce, financial institutions,...

Turnkey CRMs Target Salesforce

Competition among providers of turnkey customer relationship management (CRM) systems for registered investment advisors (RIAs) continues to heat up. The turnkey CRM market has traditionally targeted RIAs with less than $500 million in assets un...

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