This report, sponsored by Capintel, examines emerging investor dynamics that compel the reimagination of the client experience in wealth management. This research report was independently produced by Javelin Strategy & Research. Javelin Strategy & Research maintains independence in data collection, findings, and analysis. 


The wealth management ecosystem stands at a transformational point. Monumental shifts in investor demographics, preferences, and behaviors have mingled with the turbulent backdrop of technological change. This has propelled the traditional advisory model into new territory, one that redefines accepted notions of investor interaction. Advisors that fail to leverage new digital tools in combination with brick-and-mortar engagement risk losing relationships, assets, and future market share. By contrast, those strategically positioned to adopt an enhanced model of investor interaction, centered on long-term holistic advice, will accelerate their value proposition over the coming decade. 

In this new engagement model, dynamic touchpoints along the client lifecycle need to align short and long-term goals with the personalized delivery of wealth management products and services. This vision supports a coordinated omnichannel investor approach, blending traditional guidance with efficient digital tools to reduce the workflow burden. It is underpinned by a unified financial data model, captured in the tech stack, and delivered through personalized portfolio construction and financial advice to create a compelling investor experience.

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