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Private Capital Moves to the Mainstream

Next-generation fintech platforms enable automation in the private capital markets by imposing structure onto what has been an ad-hoc, high-touch workflow. In so doing, they support a more transparent, secure, and error-free experience for the a...

Technology Redefines Traditional Notions of Investor Behavior

The lines between traditional investor populations are blurring. In particular, the weakening of the paternalistic relationship between advisor and client presents an opportunity to revisit established notions of segmentation and service.

2022 Wealth Management Investor Trends & Predictions

It’s a democratized and increasingly self-serve landscape for investors, but here’s the good news: Incumbent wealth managers can compete in this environment. Those who do will meet investors’ ever-shifting needs, and that requires personalizatio...

The Google-CME Partnership will Catalyze Growth of New Technologies in Financial Services

The Google/CME deal is largely unprecedented. Google has the opportunity to directly explore dynamic market data, derivative trading products and financial communication pipelines through the lens of quantum computing and advanced algorithms. If...

2022 Wealth Management Advisor Trends & Predictions

The rise of direct indexing goes far beyond a trend. Rather, it is the crucible in which the wealth management industry is being reshaped. It allows the formation of a basket of stocks into something reflective of client preferences, whether tho...

Digital Platforms and the Guaranteed Income Conundrum

There are no guarantees in life. Except when it comes to death, taxes, and certain types of income-focused investments. These include the insurance company-issued annuity contracts that are gaining traction among independent advisors.

ESG Analytics: Actionable Intelligence for Socially Responsible Investing

Analysts and wealth management advisors who are focused on meeting the needs of clients who value environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns have an increasing number of sources of information about those investments. The problem is, t...

Hybrid B2B Robo Takes Flight

Digital advice platforms offer a turnkey, highly extensible means of rationalizing the high-cost delivery models characteristic of bank wealth management units. Intelligence from client-driven insights enables bank advisors to work around silos ...

Direct Indexing Sets Canada In Its Sights

Direct indexing is a focal point for digital wealth innovation in the United States. Canadian banks and other wealth managers need to embrace this disruptive investment strategy to provide a more personalized client experience and fend off incur...


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