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2013 Banking Identity Safety Scorecard: Changing Tactics in the Face of Growing Account Takeover and New Account Fraud

In 2012, account takeover and new-account fraud each rose by approximately 50% over the previous year. These two fraud types impact consumers most severely, and they are historically more difficult for FIs to prevent and detect than any other ma...

How to Build Better Online and Mobile Bill-Pay for the Underbanked

When it comes to paying bills, too often the nation’s 37 million underbanked Americans do it using hard and costly ways: in cash, and in person, by mail, or by phoning call centers. This creates an opportunity for financial institutions, billers...

21st-Century PFM for a Mass Audience: How to Build Everyday Online and Mobile PFM

In the six years since Apple launched its iPhone, smartphones have imbued consumers with always-on, always-with-me, real-time expectations that create an urgent need for the financial services industry to break free of 1980s thinking about perso...

Mobile Imaging: Going beyond Mobile Remote Deposit Capture to Bridge the Consumer Transaction Gap

As the smartphone-toting population crosses the 50% barrier, there are new opportunities and challenges to rethink and re-engineer the consumer transaction experience using new imaging technologies. Typing in a credit card number in an online en...

A Tale of Two Gen Ys: On the Road to Long-Term Banking Profitability

This report will explain the key differences between these two young age segments, including overall characteristics, use and desire for personal finance management (PFM), their banking relationship, and their mobile preferences.

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