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Near-Prime Lending: The Role of Alternative Data and AI

  • Advisory Webinar: Client Login Required
  • Date: October, 2019
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
Austin Kilgore and Emmett Higdon will discuss why lenders struggle to extend loans and offer competitive pricing to these “near-prime” borrowers and how now, they’re increasingly turning to new underwriting techniques, such as alternative credit...

Creating a Mobile Customer Service Continuum

Nearly 140 million Americans have used mobile banking in the past 30 days. For many of them, the mobile banking app has become their primary account management tool. Just 42% of these consumers, however, believe that they can resolve most custom...

How to Shape Zelle Beyond 2020

A year and a half after its highly publicized rollout, Zelle has become the standard for making person- to-person payments through financial institutions (FIs). It has forced its way onto the shortlist for near-term investments in digital bankin...

Near-Prime Lending: The Role of Alternative Data and AI

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: September 9, 2019
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
This report will examine the characteristics of the segment of subprime borrowers classified as “near-prime” and why they struggle to obtain affordable credit. We will also explore new technologies and alternative approaches to assessing creditw...

Developing a Faster Payments Strategy for the Small-Business Market

In this report, we examine the progress made so far in developing faster payments technologies, how that will influence how small businesses make payments, and how banks and service providers can develop products that will allow business owners ...

Why It’s Time to Fix the Four Flaws of Transaction Ledgers

Javelin’s report exposes problems that plague FIs big and small, sometimes caused by shortcomings in core banking technology, incremental upgrades, and poorly integrated services and features. But this review – illustrated with nearly 70 screens...

Finding Digital Success Amid Shifting Lending Markets

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: August 1, 2019
  • Author(s): Austin Kilgore
  • Research Topic(s): Digital Lending
Digital lending capabilities are rapidly advancing to meet growing consumer expectations of a seamless process. The following is an overview of key developments and emerging trends across the mortgage, auto, student and personal lending landscap...

Banks Shift Wallet Focus from Payments to Control

Several large banks have shuttered their mobile wallets in the past year, and the landscape has shifted significantly. The most recent news comes from Wells Fargo, which next month will eliminate the contactless payment functionality built into ...

Why Finn’s Lessons Should Outlive Its Brand

Less than a year after Finn’s nationwide release in June 2018, Chase announced that it would retire its millennial-focused app in August.  Many in the press and the Twitterverse painted Finn as a failure because it didn’t gain significant tracti...

Building Digital Banking for Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed

This report explores the opportunity available to banks, credit unions, and digital banking vendors to develop a solution targeted at this segment and outlines the leading digital features that would constitute such an offering.

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