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Recent Fraud and Security Research


A Roadmap to Best-In-Class Authentication

This report, sponsored by Visa, explores the path from simple authentication to best-in-class authentication. The ultimate goal is to provide Visa’s e-commerce partners with the best path to minimize friction to preserve the customer experience...

Identity Fraud: Susceptibility is not Specific to Age

This report explores the risk that identity fraud scams have on U.S. adults aged 50+.  As criminals pursue multiple targets in their quest to steal personally identifiable information, there is a complete lack of regard for the person who loses...

Fraud-Prevention Education: A Positive Customer Experience

This report, sponsored by Iris Global Identity & Cyber Protection, powered by Generali, explores the impact identity fraud has on the customer experience, highlighting how and why customer education about fraud prevention and a well-defined id...

Giving Consumers Control and Enhancing Fraud Prevention

This report, sponsored by Experian®, explores how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated consumers’ use of digital channels, which in turn has presented increased fraud risks. This has necessitated the need for financial institutions to implement str...

A Zero-Day Mission to Reduce Account-Based Fraud

This report, sponsored by Neustar, explores how advanced authentication practices can help financial services providers differentiate between threat actors and legitimate accountholders without compromising the legitimate client’s access to acco...

Reducing Attrition Through Fraud Resolution

Join Javelin to hear how these scams can impact your clients’ loyalty and how to implement the right processes to alleviate the burden from your cardholders.

Merchant Chargebacks: Building Brand Value By Optimizing Efficiencies

This report, sponsored by Accertify, discusses how lagging dispute resolution processes or chargebacks can be improved with clearer strategy that enhances service and brand recognition. 

Why Scams Are a Growing Threat to Financial Institutions

Criminals have doubled down on scams and are reaping massive profits. As consumers deal with the blows of losing money to criminals, they often look toward their primary financial institutions for restitution, which often comes with a tremendous...

Exposing the Risks of Remote Deposit Capture

Join John Buzzard, Lead Analyst of Fraud & Security, and Suzanne Sando, Sr. Analyst of Fraud & Security, of Javelin Strategy & Research as they discuss how criminals are exploiting remove deposit capture technology.

The Ethics of Behavioral Biometrics

Join Tracy Kitten, Director of Fraud & Security, and Alexander Franks, Analyst of Fraud & Security, of Javelin Strategy & Research as they discuss why behavioral biometrics is such a critical authentication tool.

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