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Banks Will Diversify Their Offerings And Keep Up With The Pace Of Innovation By Partnering With Strategic Fintech Players

Partnerships between banks and fintech are not new, but they have recently surfaced as a major industry trend. What’s different this time around is the surge in the number of competent start-ups and software vendors on the scene, and banks are h...

Looking Beyond KBA

This whitepaper, sponsored by Mitek, explores the challenge of identity verification in the digital account opening process, and how document scanning can improve on KBA driven processes. 

Biometrics’ Growing Role at the Point of Sale

With mobile banking, person-to-person payments, and mobile wallets, mobile is rapidly becoming the go-to channel for financial activity. All of these activities feature instantaneous response with minimal friction. This expectation has strong im...

Giving Consumers Identity Control

This whitepaper, sponsored by Civic, investigates US-based consumers’ desire to have control over their own identities, and looks at the implications of the current lack of control they have over their own personally identifiable information (PI...

The Financial Impact of Fraud

This whitepaper, sponsored by Vesta Corporation, analyzes the findings of a new independent study that examines how the cost of fraud has significantly increased post-EMV when compared to 2015, and the associated challenges impacting a merchant’...

Making ATM Transactions Safer, Faster and Fun

This white paper will examine what’s behind the growing popularity of this service, and how two innovative institutions, Salem Five and WSFS Bank, have integrated Cardless Cash into their digital banking strategies. 

Mitigating Application Fraud from Synthetic Identities

This whitepaper, sponsored by ID Analytics, explores the challenges that FIs and issuers face against a rising tide of application fraud and how the sharing of intelligence offers long-awaited hope in detecting the synthetic identities that make...

Beyond Simple and Safe

With the goal of gaining a closer understanding of the actions and attitudes of consumers toward Direct Deposit of payroll, NACHA commissioned JAVELIN to conduct market research looking at all segments of the U.S. population, as they relate to G...

Transform In-Branch Check Buyers Into Online Check Shoppers

  • Whitepaper
  • Date: November 25, 2015
  • Research Topics(s): Payments
This whitepaper, sponsored by Deluxe, explores the motivations and barriers of consumers’ channel preferences for check ordering. It also explores the attitudes of financial institutions (FIs) toward the various check-ordering channels, and the ...

Managing the Challenge of Merchant Chargebacks

This whitepaper, sponsored by Accertify, looks at how chargebacks impose both direct and indirect costs on merchants by diverting crucial resources to managing disputes, gathering documentation, and coordinating with multiple networks and acquir...
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