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Commoditization Looms For Small Business Banking--Bank Switching on the Horizon

August 4, 2016
As technology and increased choice allow small businesses to spread their financial accounts across

Consumers Avoid Tablets for Mobile Banking

July 27, 2016
Since the iPad’s introduction in 2010, tablet adoption has enjoyed meteoric growth and appears to have every reason to succeed as a banking platform.

Internet of Things (IoT) Triggers New Impulse E-commerce Purchasing

July 14, 2016
JAVELIN examines the new IoT and mobile devices and applications consumers are using to quickly and efficiently purchase through online and mobile channels in it's new report, Online Retai

Sale of Anthem SSN Data Could Result in Nearly 10 Million Fraud Victims

June 23, 2016
Data theft from government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and social networks proved that no industry is immune from attack.

Announcing 2016 JAVELIN Identity Protection Leaders: EZShield, ID Watchdog, IdentityForce, LifeLock, and TransUnion

June 8, 2016
EZShield, ID Watchdog, IdentityForce, LifeLock, and TransUnion earned top marks as identity protection leaders, according to JAVELIN.

Small Businesses Turn to Alternative Lenders

May 19, 2016
Alternative lending has sprung up during a highly favorable credit environment, carving out a market based on smarter credit decisioning, speedier access to funds, a sleek user experience,

Top Banks Meet Customer Expectations For Mobile Banking Channel

May 19, 2016
Half of the U.S. adult population now banks using smartphones and tablets, which is 29 million more than last year.

Over 250,000 Small Businesses Are Targets of Fraud: Picking up the $3.1 Billion Pieces

May 3, 2016
Motivated by opportunity and greed, fraudsters have found ripe targets in small businesses (those with less than $10 million in revenue).

Greenwich Associates Hires Jacob Jegher as Head of Strategy at Javelin

April 20, 2016
Greenwich Associates today announced the hiring of Jacob Jegher as Senior Vice President, Banking and Head of Strategy at Javelin Strategy & Research

Suboptimal Security Solutions Leave Mobile Wallets Vulnerable

April 14, 2016
Despite mobile wallets proving to be irresistible fraud targets, financial institutions (FIs) and issuers are jumping into the market and releasing their own wallet solutions.