What shapes consumer transactions and payment technologies, and where is it going?

Any conventional wisdom about payments—how they’re made, the currencies being used, the cards presently in favor—doesn’t last long before the next wave of technology, innovation, and regulation. Javelin’s analysts conduct research at the forefront of payments, identifying the emerging trends for financial services companies and payments providers and offering insight into how they can best position themselves not just for what is current but also for what is coming.

Payments Research


FIS is Selling Worldpay, So Now What?

  • Impact Note
  • Date: July 10, 2023
  • Author(s): Daniel Keyes
  • Research Topic(s): Merchant
In a four-year period, FIS has gone from purchasing merchant acquiring titan Worldpay for $43 billion to announcing plans to spin the company off to agreeing to sell a controlling stake in it at a greatly reduced valuation. This Javelin Strategy...

Building a Better Stablecoin

Unlike digital dollars, each stablecoin is unique when they are cryptographically minted and stored on a distributed ledger. Features such as programmability and near instantaneous settlement offer solutions to ecommerce, financial institutions,...

The Expanding Role of A2A Transactions

Account-to-account (A2A) transfers can flow on ACH rails, which can take a few days to process, or on instant payment rails. A2A transfers can disburse funds immediately with a wide application of uses, from insurance payouts to cash-outs from a...

Apple Savings and the Emerging Personal Payment Stack

Apple has launched Savings, a component of its financial ecosystem that positions it to become a personal payment stack service provider. The ability it has to keep customers within the “walled garden” of its popular devices offers great potenti...

Prepaid Healthcare Options Expanding

As U.S. consumers continue spending more on healthcare-related activities, using prepaid products becomes more valuable and impactful, creating opportunities for the entire ecosystem.

Unlocking the Power of Cross-Border Payments: Navigating Complexity, Mitigating Risks, and Driving Efficiency

Join Javelin's Al Bodine, Director of Commercial & Enterprise Payments, and Sophia Gonzalez, Debit Analyst, as they shed light on the intricacies of cross-border payments. Gain valuable insights into regulatory hurdles, foreign exchange risks, a...

Third-Party Comparison Websites: A Tried-and-True Method for Digital Marketing

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: June 13, 2023
  • Author(s): Ben Danner
  • Research Topic(s): Credit
Third-party comparison websites are a formidable avenue of credit card marketing and consumers’ identification of which card products to pursue with their applications. It’s a marketplace that has evolved to include several large contenders, and...

Commercial and Enterprise Payments Fraud: 2023 Edition

Fraud in commercial payments is a rising concern, with Javelin Strategy & Research data showing that businesses expect it to increase over the coming year. The reasons for pessimism are many—the ascendancy of digital payments, the complexity of ...

The 2023 Credit Card Data Book: Recession Is Possible, Risk Is Evident

Join us as Brian Riley, Director of Credit and Co-Head of Payments at Javelin Strategy & Research, and Ben Danner, Senior Analyst, Credit and Commercial, walk through recently published research and provide an update on risk as we enter the seco...

How Alternative Identity Authentication Methods Will Change Payments

Digital wallets have long been a place to store payment cards, boarding passes, and tickets. More recently, tech providers like Apple have added mobile driver’s licenses on a limited basis. As more non-financial products and documents, such as d...

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