Payments Research

What shapes consumer transactions and payment technologies, and where is it going?

Any conventional wisdom about payments—how they’re made, the currencies being used, the cards presently in favor—doesn’t last long before the next wave of technology, innovation, and regulation. Javelin’s analysts conduct research at the forefront of payments, identifying the emerging trends for financial services companies and payments providers and offering insight into how they can best position themselves not just for what is current but also for what is coming.

Payments Research


Installment Lending: Fintechs Gaining Ground on Loans Forecast at $212 Billion

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: March 14, 2022
  • Author(s): Brian Riley
  • Research Topic(s): Credit
Banks and credit unions lose scale on loans as fintechs grow. New research from Mercator Advisory Group explores current trends and opportunities in installment lending for fintechs and financial institutions.

Prepaid Cards Break Through Conventional Restrictions and Now Behave Like Traditional Credit and Debit Cards

The prepaid card industry has benefitted from significant technological advances in recent years, which serve to make prepaid offerings more secure, convenient, and appealing to consumers of all types. This viewpoint examines the most widely use...

2022 U.S. Faster Payments Forecast: A Year to Build On

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: March 2, 2022
  • Author(s): Sarah Grotta
  • Research Topic(s): Debit
The growth of real-time and faster payments is driving consumer demand. Mercator Advisory Group releases new research that analyses the growth and impact of faster and real-time payments in the U.S.

Credit Cards and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Transformed the Credit Card Industry

Two years of the coronavirus pandemic have caused tectonic shifts in the credit card industry that will have permanent effects on issuers, card networks, and all other firms involved in the space. Although the pandemic is ongoing, using the anni...

Treasury Automation: Adapting to Increased Expectations

In new research, Mercator Advisory Group reports how treasury automation has accelerated during the pandemic as CFOs seek more strategic results.

Processing Recurring and Subscription Payments Without Friction: A Key to Unlocking Transactions from a Forecasted $830 Billion Card Market

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: February 23, 2022
  • Author(s): Ben Danner
  • Research Topic(s): Credit
New research from Mercator Advisory Group finds reducing friction is the key to the subscription and recurring payments market.

Rise of the Crypto Custodians

As banks, insurers and other wealth managers assess the risks of the crypto market—particularly cybersecurity—they should not be dissuaded from exploring the opportunities. Strategic opportunities include positioning cash management as a springb...

Payment Facilitation: What You Need to Know

  • Impact Note
  • Date: February 8, 2022
  • Author(s): Don Apgar
  • Research Topic(s): Credit, Merchant
The payment facilitation model first appeared in the market in 2010 as a way to create a simple, cost-effective mechanism for micro-merchants to accept payment cards. This viewpoint will examine the growth of the payfac model as its utility is e...

Cardless Issuance: Key to Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Impact Note
  • Date: February 3, 2022
  • Author(s): Sarah Grotta
  • Research Topic(s): Debit
This Viewpoint considers the value of digital issuance and what issuers will want to take into account as they consider digital issuance technology.

Digital Gaming: Expanding Prepaid Opportunities

  • Impact Note
  • Date: February 1, 2022
  • Author(s): Laura Handly
  • Research Topic(s): Prepaid
The U.S. digital gaming market is booming, spurred by the rise of e-commerce and the realities of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The industry uses a wide variety of monetization strategies, with significant opportunities for prepaid card issuers...

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