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Exposing the Risks of Remote Deposit Capture

With the passage of the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21), enacted in 2003 , financial institutions began accepting electronic check images from depositing consumers, and there was no looking back. Remote deposit capture (RDC) t...

2021 Identity Fraud Study: Shifting Angles

As criminals focus intently on consumers as the path of least resistance in their quest to steal personal information, their tactics have diverged into two entirely distinctive identity fraud categories that drove consumer losses to $56 billi...

SolarWinds Shines Light on Emerging APT Risks

The recovery process from December’s SolarWinds attack is just beginning. Financial institutions got off easy this time, but now must take immediate action to mitigate insecurity from this attack and strengthen their security posture in anticipa...

‘American Rescue Plan’ Relief and Renewed Fraud Opportunities

Consumers remain a target for cybercriminals as a third stimulus bill is passed into law. Preventing unemployment benefit scams and Economic Impact Payment check fraud should be a priority for financial services. Financial institutions have an o...

Rising Cyber Awareness Is Changing Consumer Privacy Profiles

Consumer awareness surrounding how organizations collect and use personal information is rising. This rising awareness has caused substantial shifts in consumer banking behaviors. Financial institutions have an opportunity to leverage consumers’...

2021 Financial Industry Trends: Financial Fraud

Join John Buzzard, Lead Analyst, Fraud & Security as he walks you through Javelin’s predictions for the Financial Fraud Industry.

Ethics in Behavioral Biometrics 

Consumers do not fear behavioral biometrics, but they do expect transparency. Behavioral biometrics has the potential to be an ethically sound authentication technique–and one that consumers embrace. 

Rethinking Disaster Recovery

This report reviews the challenges that financial services companies experience from a technological and organizational point of view, with an emphasis on recommendations to minimize the adverse impacts of restoring normal business continuity af...

2021 Cybersecurity Trends

Data overload has been a problem for financial services for years, and 2021 will be the tipping point that pushes institutions to get their data under control.

2021 Financial Fraud Trends

The combination of exponential growth in digital channels and advanced criminal methodologies will lead to a more complicated series of problems that have to be solved through technology. Consumers, and less-than-safe payment habits, will serve ...

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