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Identity Fraud and Families: Impacts of a Digitally Connected Life

This original report sponsored by Allstate Identity Protection explores how identity fraud can affect families in a variety of unique and challenging ways. This report identifies recommended actions that families can take to help reduce...

Identity Fraud in Three Acts: A Consumer Guide

This report sponsored by AARP explores the impact of identity fraud on U.S. consumers aged 55+ and how technology may play a role in the ability of consumers to protect themselves from financial harm as a result of identity fraud. This ...

The Escalation of Digital Fraud: Global Impact of the Coronavirus

This report, sponsored by SAS, explores how the increasingly digital nature of payments changes how fraud occurs and how mitigation efforts need to adapt. This report is based on 120 independent interviews of payment and security execut...

Identity Fraud & Families: Impacts of a Digitally Connected Life

Please join Dustin Hofstein, EVP of Operations at Allstate Identity Protection, and John Buzzard, Lead Analyst, Fraud & Security at Javelin Strategy & Research, for a fresh look at the real-life impact identity fraud has on families.

Identity Fraud in the Digital Age

This original report sponsored by GIACT examines the challenges of identifying criminal activity associated with new account openings. As criminals exploit technology and consumers become increasingly dependent on digital technology, ma...

Fight or Flight: The Impacts of a Data Breach Event

Data breaches have evolved into a variety of threats that go far beyond payment card information and login credentials. Consumers are quickly adopting digital behaviors that encompass an array of merchants, mobile device apps, and financial serv...

The Rise of Identity Fraud with the Digital Consumer

In this informative webcast, industry thought leaders from FIS and Javelin will discuss new trends on digital banking and Dark Web activity, the renewed focus on #data privacy, and the steps that organizations are taking to minimize risk and pro...

September Fraud Insights: P2P App Fraud Trends

Join PSCU and John Buzzard for a credit union discussion about P2P payment fraud based upon the recent Javelin report “Securing P2P Payments”

Understanding Your Customer in a Digitized Landscape

Experts from SAS and Javelin Strategy & Research discuss the pandemic-driven increase in digital banking and its effects on the fraud landscape and the customer experience.

Threats from Within: Social Engineering to Malicious Intent

This report will look at malicious insiders, non-malicious insiders, and accidental threats that can be identified and mitigated before a financial loss occurs. The report will also highlight how the threat landscape, both economic and situation...

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