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How to Create a “Butterfly Effect” to Mitigate and Prevent Fraud

Discover the latest identity fraud trends and what can be done to reduce the impact of identity fraud across the industry

Wealth Management Fraud: An Easy Target for Scams

Traditional identity fraud and identity fraud scams are equal-opportunity crimes, in that anyone with a digital footprint is a potential target. But as affluence rises, so does consumer concern about becoming a victim. Further, suspicious activi...

P2P Scams and Fraud: Addressing Financial Institutions’ Precarious Position

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payments are essential in a world where cash is less commonly carried, digital transactions are popular and convenient, and ease, privacy, and security drive consumer preference. However, despite their undeniable value and wel...

Creating a Digital Portrait to Prevent Omnichannel Fraud

As identity fraud losses continue to escalate across the financial services industry it becomes clear that increased attention is required in terms of technology and overall day-to-day procedures.

Future Investments in Fraud-Detection, ID Verification

We will review the key threats and risks financial services companies are focused on for 2024, along with the types of investments banks and credit unions plan to make in key fraud-prevention and identity solutions.

Identity Fraud: The Consumer Protection Imperative

This report, sponsored by Equifax, explores the ever-changing digital landscape into which consumer data— specifically personally identifiable information (PII)—is pressed into service, the threats posed by this expansion, what consumers largely...

Identity Verification In A Fraud-Ridden World

This report, sponsored by Intellicheck, explores the growing pervasiveness of identity fraud that stems from a lack of proper authentication and identity verification measures. The importance of employing a robust identity verification and authe...

The Evolving State of Consumer Identity and Authentication

This report, sponsored by TransUnion, explores the ever-increasing complexity of identity verification, its growing reliance on digital signals, and the importance for businesses of all sizes to employ intelligently designed systems that take fu...

Unlocking the Power of Analytics to Combat Financial Scams

This report, sponsored by BioCatch, explores the immediate and long-term risks associated with scams for organizations and consumers while also establishing a case for employing a suite of identity fraud scam detection and prevention tools. This...

2023 Know Your Customer Solution Scorecard

Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols are the bedrock of robust identity verification. Understanding at a granular level whom an organization is doing business with translates into a strengthened defense against identity fraud and, on a grander sca...

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