This report, sponsored by Fiserv, explores the impact of consumer-directed business-to-business prepaid card programs in engaging the transition to digital platforms for gift-giving and self-use. 

This report uses market research conducted independently by Javelin Strategy & Research regarding the behavioral consumer uses of prepaid card products, as well as additional market research conducted by Javelin on behalf of Fiserv into business-to-business incentive buyers regarding their use of and benefits from prepaid incentives, specifically retail gift cards, prepaid general-purpose gift cards, stored-value accounts, and loyalty accounts. 


In an increasingly digitally driven world, business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) engagement takes on added importance. While these may represent only a small but meaningful percentage of prepaid payment opportunities, research from Javelin Strategy & Research indicates that such engagement opens the door to increased business and customer loyalty, factors that bring the physical and digital together and create a repeatable cycle of continued allegiance.

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