Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez

Analyst, Wealth Management

Daniel is an Analyst in Javelin’s wealth management practice. His research focuses on wealth management trends and strategy across platform automation, portfolio management, investment advisory and sustainable investing. He is a finance professional with experience in capital markets, wealth management, and retail banking. His areas of interest include ESG investing, financial technology, and robo-advisory.

Before joining Javelin, Daniel was a senior investment accountant at CIBC Mellon where he focused on valuation and financial reporting for ETFs and Mutual Funds. Daniel is a business graduate from the University of Toronto, where he specialized in Accounting and Majored in Economics.

Latest Insights

March, 2022
Javelin Report
Empowering the Investor via Personal Messaging Apps

While some firms see prohibiting the use of messaging apps as simpler than monitoring them, the preferences of a new generation of investors amid the pandemic have upended this cal...

February, 2022
Javelin Report
Rise of the Crypto Custodians

As banks, insurers and other wealth managers assess the risks of the crypto market—particularly cybersecurity—they should not be dissuaded from exploring the opportunities. Strateg...

January, 2022
Javelin Report
Private Capital Moves to the Mainstream

Next-generation fintech platforms enable automation in the private capital markets by imposing structure onto what has been an ad-hoc, high-touch workflow. In so doing, they suppor...

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