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Child Identity Fraud: The Perils of Too Many Screens and Social Media

The number of U.S. families affected by child identity fraud over the past year (July 2021 to July 2022) saw a healthy decline, from 1.25 million children who fell victim to ID fraud to only 915,000—a strong and positive message for financial in...

Child Identity Fraud: A Web of Deception and Loss

Child identity fraud costs U.S. families nearly $1 billion annually. It affects one out of every 50 children and takes parents and guardians a tremendous amount of time to resolve. Although child ID theft and fraud are not new, the topic has tak...

2018 Child Identity Fraud Study

This original report, sponsored by Identity Guard, examines the risks that child identity fraud poses to minors and their guardians along with the most effective steps that guardians can take to mitigate those risks.