This report, sponsored by AARP, will examine how consumers can avoid victimization across a myriad of identity fraud scams though awareness and education.  Javelin recently published its annual 2022 Identity Fraud Study entitled The Virtual Battleground. The study concluded that in 2021 alone 42 million U.S. adult consumers were victimized by identity fraud resulting in a combined $52 billion financial impact created from criminal perpetration of traditional identity fraud and identity fraud scams. 

This report references the 2022 Identity Fraud Study The Virtual Battleground , published by Javelin Strategy & Research in March 2022. Javelin Strategy & Research maintains complete independence in its data collection, findings, and analysis.


Identity fraud is ultimately one of the few things in society that can be deemed 100% unbiased. Criminals target potential victims based on the concept of sheer volume which ensures them a steady flow of victims based on the principle that the more identity fraud scams launched – the more targets to be victimized. This high-volume approach almost converts a serious criminal act into a generic series of mounting loss figures and victim counts. To be clear –identity fraud leaves financial losses in its path, and in parallel, identity fraud victims can also suffer an emotional toll that affects their confidence, financial and personal health, and sense of security. This report will examine the most current identity fraud trends as a means of providing fraud prevention solutions for victims and their trusted circle of friends and family. 

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