This report, sponsored by Neustar, a TransUnion company, explores identity fraud and the necessary steps business enterprises must take into consideration as a means of streamlining the authentication process while also improving the overall client experience with a layered, uniform approach to technology.

This report is derived from the 2022 Identity Fraud Study: The Virtual Battleground, published by Javelin Strategy & Research in March 2022. 

Javelin Strategy & Research maintains complete independence in its data collection, findings, and analysis.


Optimizing an enterprise-wide fraud detection initiative isn’t for the faint-hearted. The innumerable challenges of preventing access to criminals can, at times, start to erode the client experience. This unintended consequence has a great number of implications across the business enterprise, including access to consumer accounts, increases in call volumes to customer contacts centers, and a wide array of regulatory and compliance concerns that must be synchronized as part of a much larger and sensitive enterprise risk management program. Hence the need for a carefully choreographed plan that uses an array of related components within a singular platform capable of delivering fraud intelligence across the entire organization.

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