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Trust, Technology, and the U.S. Consumer

During the current technology cycle, consumer trust in the Gang of Five — Amazon, Apple, Google, PayPal, and Facebook — continues to rise- while trust in banks and payment networks is decreasing. This report explains how financial institutions c...

Top Trends for Digital Financial Services in 2015

Retail banking and payments have  seen consolidation in the industry as financial institutions are growing their digital offerings to meet customers’ needs and improve their profitability.  Javelin’s practice leaders have identified five trends ...

2015 Identity Fraud: Protecting Vulnerable Populations

In 2014, 12.7 million consumers experienced identity fraud – a decline of 3% from the near record high of 13.1 million in 2013. A series of extraordinary responses to high-profile data breaches contributed heavily to this decline. In addition to...

In Search of a Better Password Policy

This report examines the security threats and vulnerabilities specific to passwords and gives recommendations on what financial institutions can do to improve the security of customer accounts.

Fixing CNP Fraud: Solutions for a Pre- and Post-EMV U.S. Market

Javelin has forecasted what a post-EMV U.S. market will comprise. CNP fraud will unquestionably be a major concern for banks, issuers, and merchants. The solutions they deploy will need to prevent fraud while at the same time limiting friction d...

2014 Identity Safety in Banking Scorecard: Finding a Balanced Approach as Fraud Diversifies

This year’s scorecard examines the state of the current threat environment following several years of massive data breaches, as well as provides insight into which fraud solutions are best adapted to mitigating current threats.

Smartphones, Tablets, and Fraud: When Apathy Meets Security

This whitepaper, sponsored by Nok Nok Labs, investigates how the rise in mobile device usage puts personal identifiable information at risk.   Activities such as financial transactions and shopping, mixed with a general state of apathy by mobile...

The Consumer Data Insecurity Report

This white paper explores the attitudes, experiences, and perceptions of fraud victims in four metropolitan areas: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Minneapolis. The Consumer Data Insecurity Report--sponsored by National Consumers League.

2014 Data Breach Fraud Impact Report: Consumers Shoot the Messenger and Financial Institutions Take the Bullet

Through an examination of the experiences and perspectives of consumers, and by contrasting two of the most prolific data breaches in U.S. history, Javelin has gleaned important lessons for stakeholders.

EMV in USA: Assessment of Merchant and Card Issuer Readiness

The U.S. roadmap for the deployment of chip card has existed since 2012, providing the payment industry with plenty of time to prepare for the transition from magnetic-stripe cards to smart cards. Yet collectively, the industry has been slow to ...

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