Tracy Kitten, Director, Fraud & Security at Javelin will present at the 35th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas, TX. During her presentation, Child Identity Theft and Exploitation: The Perils of Social Media and Access to Too Many Screens, Tracy will share insights from our Child Identity Fraud study. 


U.S. children are at increasing risk of not only having their identities stolen, but of being targeted for financial scams, account takeovers, and cyberbullying and exploitation, because of social media and unrestricted internet access. In 2022, Javelin found that: 91% of U.S. households have children active on social media; and children’s social media accounts are the most-often targeted among cybercriminals, outpacing email, mobile phone numbers and physical mobile devices. This workshop offers insights into how parents/guardians, lawmakers, law enforcement, educators and financial services can help protect children.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the long-term financial risks minors face when parents are too lax about internet access and social media use
  • Understand the benefits of enrolling in ID protection, freezing a child's credit, and reducing and/or eliminating access to social media
  • Understand more about controls that can monitor children's activities, and how to push government for more social media oversight


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