Javelin Awards


Recognizing Excellence in the Marketplace!


In the course of our ongoing market research, we find certain firms that rise to the top — recognizing these firms for their exceptional quality of product or client experience, ability to meet customer demand, or overall excellence. Javelin has the following Award Programs:




Digital Banking Awards

  1. Online Banking Awards
    Online Banking Scorecard identifies more than 200 features that will enable financial institutions to achieve two strategic goals: to serve as their customers’ primary FI for transactions, and to build a trusting, advisory relationship that leads to being their customers’ first choice when they shop for additional financial products and services.
  2. Mobile Banking Awards
    Javelin benchmarks both financial institutions and mobile banking vendors and how they measure up in offering features and functionality that consumers need and want. 
  3. Digital Banking Platform Vendor Awards
    Javelin's Digital Banking Platform Vendor Scorecard evaluates vendor solutions and asseses more than 200 criteria across three evaluation categories reflecting account management, money movement, security and control, financial fitness, servicing and communication, origination and onboarding, and alerts and notifications.


Canadian Digital Banking Awards

  1. Canadian Digital Banking Awards
    Canadian Digital Banking Scorecards supplement financial institutions’ digital strategy, competitive intelligence, and product planning with a rigorous evaluation of the digital experiences at the top seven Canadian financial institutions by assets.


Small-Business Banking and Payments Awards

  1. Small-Business Digital Account Opening Awards
    Javelin’s Small Business Account Opening Scorecard report assesses vendors that address the complex, multifaceted challenge of opening small business checking accounts, from the perspective of both applicants and bankers.


Fraud Management Awards

  1. Trust in Banking Awards
    Javelin benchmarks the level of trust accountholders have in their financial institutions’ ability to look out for accountholders’ best interest and safeguard their accounts from fraud. 
  2. Identity Proofing Awards
    Javelin evaluates leading identity proofing platforms based on their functionality, innovation, and ability to tailor their product to the needs of clients. 
  3. Identity Protection Service Provider Awards
    Javelin evaluates how the fraud prevention, detection, and resolution features of leading identity protection service providers address the most pressing current and emerging fraud threats facing consumers.




Award Guideline


We encourage winners to use their designation on publicly released information in their internal and external marketing communications in support of their efforts to win new business or increase business with existing clients. Download an overview of our usage guidelines: Javelin Awards Guidelines