Kevin Libby

Analyst, Fraud & Security

Kevin Libby is an analyst at Javelin Strategy & Research where he works on the Fraud and Cyber Security Team. He is responsible for interpreting survey data, writing insightful reports, providing valuable and actionable consultation to clients, and working collaboratively to support and build the Fraud and Cyber Business.

Prior to joining Javelin, Kevin worked as a Lead Fraud Investigation Analyst with FICO where he honed expertise in payment card fraud detection, mitigation, and analysis. Before that Kevin worked in the loan servicing industry, specializing in the servicing of loans protected by bankruptcy.

Throughout his career in the financial sector, Kevin has proven himself an adroit fraud analyst and data junkie adept at mining large data sets and performing complex analyses on the same. He is known for understanding complex ideas quickly, effectively synthesizing information across levels of analysis from the very detailed to the more general “big picture,” and solving problems creatively.

Latest Insights

May, 2024
Javelin Report
The Promise of Digital IDs: Reduced Fraud and Efficient ID Proofing

The move toward digital forms of ID is accelerating around the United States, and a greater use of such identification methods promises to reduce fraud losses and increase security...

May, 2024
Javelin Report
Unmasking the Threat of AI: Deepfakes and Financial Security

Deepfakes fueled by AI are fast approaching being able to reliably circumvent voice biometrics authentication and facial recognition algorithms. When deepfakes cross this threshold...

April, 2024
Javelin Report
2024 Identity Protection Services Provider Scorecard

Javelin Strategy & Research’s assessment of vendors in the identity protection services (IDPS) market revealed clear pacesetters overall, led by Best in Class winner Equifax, and a...


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