Nearly half of all consumers today interact with their smartphones using just their voice. Whether to ask a quick question of Google or dictate a text message to a friend, we have grown comfortable “talking” to our phones. With the introduction of voice-controlled chat bots and voice “assistants” like Amazon’s Alexa, it is now also possible for consumers to get information from their bank, and even conduct simple transactions, using just their voice. Are consumers ready for that? What would they use it for? 

Join Javelin as we explore what aspects of voice banking interest consumers most, and gauge their readiness for voice-driven interactions with banks. 

During the webinar we will address: 

  • Should banks be concerned about losing control of the customer to third-party voice platforms like Amazon’s Alexa? 
  • Which consumers are most interested in voice control of mobile banking? 
  • Why benefits do consumers see in voice banking? 
  • Do adoption hurdles differ for voice banking than other digital channels? 

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