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Stay ahead of threats to keep customer data safe.

Effective data protection and fraud mitigation creates a real competitive advantage: the trust of consumers. Javelin Strategy & Research's insights guide financial institutions, as well as fintech and security firms, as they innovate to safeguard their customers and grow their businesses.

In 2016, FIs were more vigilant about notifying their customers of fraud than ever before. That is the result of several contributing factors, not the least of which are new processes and increasing use of better technology. One of the most oft-...

2017 Trust in Banking

Javelin Report
June 5, 2017 By: Al Pascual, Kyle Marchini
Banking is fundamentally an industry of trust. Without a foundation of reliability, financial institutions will see their accountholders flee to competitors. Without established goodwill with accountholders, FIs will struggle to deepen financial...
This whitepaper, sponsored by Barclaycard analyzes the challenges large e-commerce merchants face in optimizing their payment success rate in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Continental Europe, and discusses the priorities of merchants in those...
As smartphones increasingly become a nexus for consumers’ financial lives, their value to fraudsters has risen accordingly. Mobile shopping, mobile wallets, and person-to-person (P2P) payments all offer new avenues for fraud, and much of the next...
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