As the technology underpinning Bitcoin, the blockchain has captivated the financial industry. A private version of the virtual currency’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) could be a common-sense replacement for an array of traditional networks used to exchange value. Its speed and transparency make the technology behind the world’s most popular virtual currency an enticing proposition for financial services companies. But is this suitable for financial services? Are there security benefits that this industry would reap from it and what are the drawbacks?

Join Javelin as we examine known and unknown security risks to mass-scale adoption of private blockchains, and ultimately provide recommendations on the secure implementation of DLTs in financial services.

During this webinar we’ll discuss,

  • Current blockchain pilots and implementations in financial services
  • Security benefits and drawbacks of the blockchain
  • Recent blockchain-related security events
  • The effect that a lack of blockchain standardization is having on security

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