While EMV chip card adoption is well on its way in the U.S. card fraud at the point of sale will not disappear. Stolen cards, mail interception, and account takeover are just a few ways fraudsters can gain access to physical cards. Going forward, securing card transactions while meeting customer’s demands for streamlined experiences will require a variety of solutions that reach beyond what happens at the payment terminal. 

Join Al Pascual as he explores an array of solutions for verifying the cardholder that incorporate rich customer intelligence, friction-free risk evaluation, and on-device authentication – including a growing opportunity to leverage biometrics. 

In this webinar we will address: 

  • How issuers can boost security at the point of sale without imposing onerous authentication requirements on their customers 
  • How to create a unified security experience across all transaction channels--point of sale, online, and mobile 
  • Opportunities for mobile devices to boost transaction security 

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