Payments Research

What shapes consumer transactions and payment technologies, and where is it going?

Any conventional wisdom about payments—how they’re made, the currencies being used, the cards presently in favor—doesn’t last long before the next wave of technology, innovation, and regulation. Javelin’s analysts conduct research at the forefront of payments, identifying the emerging trends for financial services companies and payments providers and offering insight into how they can best position themselves not just for what is current but also for what is coming.

Payments Research


How Banks Can Support Small Businesses as America Reopens

Ian Benton and Mark Schwanhausser will dive into newly-collected data to show how behaviors have changed among business owners, including banking channel migration, nonbank financial services usage, and payments.

Closing Critical Gaps in Small-Business Digital Lending

This report analyzes the behavior and attitudes of small-business owners about applying for credit; explores offerings from leading banks, nonbank lenders, and vendors; and lays out a detailed series of industry best practices for tackling the s...

The Paycheck Protection Program Is an Urgent Challenge and Opportunity for Lenders

In this Impact Note, Javelin discusses the genesis of the PPP and provides a consolidated overview of actions taken by key bank, vendor, and nonbank participants. We also outline the opportunities that lie ahead in the coming weeks, including ...

Increasing Payment Options to Maximize Bill Pay’s Potential

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: April 1, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Payments
This report will explore why most bill pay platforms today are not meeting consumer needs, how offering a variety of payment options can unify the bill payment process, and solutions that can help achieve a truly unified bill pay experience.

Payment Strategy Implications in a Pandemic

  • Impact Note
  • Date: March 23, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Payments
Concerns over the fallout from COVID-19, or coronavirus, are already being felt by consumers as global demand for goods and services is hampered by quarantines, supply chain disruption, and general consumer uncertainty. These events have both co...

2020 Javelin Trends

Javelin analysts share insights on what to expect as the banking industry enters the 2020.

Small-Business Bank Switching: Tactics for Acquiring and Retaining Business Clients

This report provides an overview of those critical trends that will shape the industry over the next decade, provides a framework for how banks should think about bank switching and bank choice for their business customers, and proposes a variet...

2020 Health of Cash Study

  • Whitepaper
  • Date: February 11, 2020
  • Research Topics(s): Payments
The 2020 Health of Cash Study is the fifth annual examination of US consumer payment habits sponsored by Cardtronics. The study provides analysis of day to day usage, bill payment, remittance, and P2P activity providing a holistic view ...

Visa Repositions Itself for Open Banking with Plaid

Visa’s acquisition of Plaid stirs up questions that span the retail financial world — from banking and payments to investing and lending. 

2020 Payments Trends

  • Javelin Report
  • Date: December 3, 2019
  • Research Topics(s): Payments
Payments professionals face a world that has a plethora of choices but a lack of guidance from regulators, payment schemes, and technology providers on how to move forward. The technical aspects of payments are designed, but the consumer experie...

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