Small Business Banking Practice Area

Transform how small businesses manage payment flows

Javelin advises clients as they navigate the space where small businesses meet the digital world of financial services and payments. You receive invaluable business intelligence to capitalize on market opportunities through new payment products or the repositioning of existing services.With expert eyes, we observe such key small business trends as: 

  • Retail and digital point of sale
  • Merchant acquiring
  • EMV, NFC and POS Terminals
  • Receipts and dispursements
  • Banking and lending
  • Merchant loyalty and rewards


The alternative lending industry has sprung up during a highly favorable credit environment and a period of economic growth, and there are already signs that contraction is ahead. However, no matter what happens in the near-term and what the...
This report explores the experiences of small businesses over the last year to determine how specific behaviors and events contribute to the rate of fraud, the effect that fraud has on the relationship between small businesses and their financial...
The financial services market has seen considerable disruption and changing customer expectations in the past year.  Javelin has been tracking trends. Our analyst team has considered all of the potential trends that will shape and drive...

Small Business: Adoption of Mobile Banking

Javelin Report
December 2, 2015 By: Michael Moeser
The report reviews the features that are most attractive to small and micro businesses that currently use mobile banking as well as the features that would encourage non-users to adopt mobile banking. The report rates the level of satisfaction users...
 This report identifies the needs and recommendations related to 1) online and mobile banking control; 2) accepting payments, paying bills, and invoicing; and 3) marketing services that can boost merchant sales.
This report looks at the unique challenges that mobile authentication faces for small-business banking. As well as how small-businesses are adopting mobile authentication measures. 
The report reviews the type of online banking platform used (retail, small business, or large commercial) and the businesses’ attitudes toward the service. Specifically, businesses are asked whether they would pay for the online banking platform and...
This report  explores the impact of cross-border receipts and payments and how small businesses manage the foreign currencies that result from these transactions. It also examines the how small businesses invoice their customers in an effort to...
This new report, the SMB Payments Fraud Report: Preserving Relationships by Securing Accounts and Managing Mobile, not only expands on what we have undertaken in Commercial Payments, but also upon years of custom research experience in areas such as...

Small Business EMV Readiness

Javelin Report
August 6, 2015 By: Michael Moeser
This report looks at the upcoming EMV liability shift and how it will affect small and micro businesses. As well as the consequences of their delayed transition.  

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