Fraud & Security Practice Area

Stay ahead of threats to protect accounts and keep customer data safe.

Effectively mitigating fraud and securing customer data, especially in banking and payments, can provide tremendous competitive advantages in our rapidly evolving, technology-oriented society. ​The expert, actionable insights of Javelin’s analysts guide banks, credit unions and fintech firms as they innovate and position themselves to be fraud and security leaders. With Javelin, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of these critical areas:

  • Fraud risk management           
  • Identity protection services
  • Merchant fraud
  • Cybersecurity and breach remediation
  • Biometrics and behaviometrics
  • Mobile banking and payment security


This whitepaper, sponsored by Civic, investigates US-based consumers’ desire to have control over their own identities, and looks at the implications of the current lack of control they have over their own personally identifiable information (PII)....

The Financial Impact of Fraud

October 25, 2016 By: Al Pascual
This whitepaper, sponsored by Vesta Corporation, analyzes the findings of a new independent study that examines how the cost of fraud has significantly increased post-EMV when compared to 2015, and the associated challenges impacting a merchant’s...
As EMV liability shift deadlines come and go, opportunities will remain to further mitigate fraud and improve the cardholder experience. Consumer expectations shaped by mobile proximity payments, the evolving in-store checkout experience, and the...
2015 was a diverse year for breaches. Data theft from government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and social networks proved that no industry is immune from attack. Many of these breaches exposed...
Javelin’s ninth annual Identity Protection Services Scorecard examines the health of the identity protection industry as it continues to grow rapidly and expand into new partnership areas. 
This whitepaper, sponsored by ID Analytics, explores the challenges that FIs and issuers face against a rising tide of application fraud and how the sharing of intelligence offers long-awaited hope in detecting the synthetic identities that make it...

Mobile Wallet Fraud Mitigation

Javelin Report
March 30, 2016 By: Al Pascual, Kyle Marchini
When early cases of Apple Pay fraud garnered media attention, FIs and issuers were forced to confront the menacing specter of a new financial product they did not completely control: mobile wallets. Not only did they face fresh competition from new...
On its face, fraud in 2015 appears not to have changed substantially. The total number of victims remained steady at 13.1 million, and the total fraud amount fell slightly to $15 billion. However, that stability masks major changes in fraud in the U...
Javelin’s 2016 Consumer Identity Safety Leaders is the definitive view of the companies providing identity safety features to mitigate fraud risks for customers.  Javelin evaluated the top 20 U.S. credit card issuers. We specifically examine...
Javelin’s 10th Annual Credit Card Issuers’ Identity Safety Scorecard analyzes the customer-facing security features of 20 of the nation’s top credit card issuers – providing timely and actionable benchmarking tailored to current and impending fraud...

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