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Translating information into action


Javelin Strategy & Research, a Greenwich Associates LLC company, is a research-based advisory firm that helps its clients to make better-informed business decisions in a digital financial world. Our analysts offer unbiased, actionable insights and unearth opportunities that help financial institutions, government entities, payment companies, merchants, and other technology providers sustainably increase profits.



A unique approach, covering specialized business disciplines

We focus sharply on transactions and customer experiences in two key business segments:

  • Retail Banking 


  • Small Business Banking



Within those segments, Javelin has built a reputation for expertise in four specialized practice areas:




Inform your business decisions with expert analysis

Javelin’s people—with more than a century of combined experience—apply expert analytical capabilities to troves of rich data around financial transactions and customer interactions. They dig deep, emerging with forward-looking ideas that empower your enterprise to innovate and stay ahead of trends. 


In fact, for more than a decade Javelin analysts have detected many seismic industry changes before they were even tremors. Our clients are always prepared to take maximum advantage of them.



Our independence makes our analysis dependable


Only objective insights have real, lasting value to your organization. Our total impartiality enables us to guide decision-makers through the fog of “too much information” and “too many opinions.” Also, our analysis is cross-disciplinary, understanding that change in one business unit can ripple through your company.



Dive deeper with custom research and consulting


Your business challenge may require more support than even data culled from 50,000 interviews a year can provide. Javelin’s custom research and research-based consulting services leverage company-specific data to deliver proprietary insights.

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